28 - 31 July, 2021

What is Invest Inn Pakistan?

INVEST INN PAKISTAN is an initiative of Jumpstart Pakistan; which is an Annual Conference focused on creating a platform where influential investors can confront the potential opportunities of investment and make the life-changing decisions.

The major objective is to enable the investors look beyond the imperfections been widely spread and commonly known when it comes to name the country of Pakistan. The goal is to showcase that all the problems are in itself “an opportunity” as they can be transformed into a solution. Thus, creating numerous areas for investment capable of generating high revenue!

can participate?

Investors looking for making the right investment decisions; Startups implementing the required solutions; professionals offering the precise outcomes; SMEs practically creating change; Corporate Sector keenly interested in becoming the part of such platform.

will you get?

A chance to witness the investment possibilities in 12 different sectors as per your area of interest and expertise; that includes: education, finance, textile, healthcare, technology, renewable energy, and more!

we're doing it?

With firm belief that Pakistan is full of promising prospects for investment as abundant problems are present in variant sectors. We consider these problems can act as catalyst of producing high profits; if worked upon.


It is a 4 Day Conference that is going to happen virtual. There is a diverse agenda of the conference planned to help the investors meet the right businesses.

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Key Verticals

Health Care
Precision Engineering
Creative Industries
Renewable Energy
Construction & Property


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